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It is said that good paintwork should look as if you could walk into it. If that's the case we like to think that every car or project that passes through our paintshop is a gleaming testament to the craft and skills of our staff. We provide spray painting services for designers, traders and domestic customers. We aim to produce high quality paint finishes on a variety of materials including MDF, wood, glass, plastic, and metal using the latest technology with high quality paints and lacquers to give the best results ever. Our industrial and decorative coating solutions are suitable for a broad range of industries including, but not limited to, the military, aerospace, medical, aviation, marine, power generation, automotive, leisure and interior design sectors.

Automotive Paintwork

To achieve a quality finish requires state of the art facilities and equipment. Our paintwork area includes a 1500 sqft preparation space and of a large paint booth. We offer our customers a full range of paint services from a single panel to a full re-spray for which we also offer different levels. These range from basic re-paint up to a back to bare metal, full strip down, all glass out service to include flatting and polishing of all exterior surfaces to show standard. For this we completely strip the car, remove all the old paint, repair as required and then apply an epoxy primer to protect against any futire corrosion. We the spray with a bespoke polyester filler which is then blocked flat to ensure there are no remaining imperfections. We the spray with the finest quality water based or solvent paint (usually at least 7 coats) and then wet sand and polish to a show winning finish.

MDF, Wood & Furniture

Spray painting MDF or wood is not always straightforward. We tailor each job and the paint products we use to the usage and finish required, be it for exterior or interior use. The finish can be anything from a basic clear lacquer (normal or food grade) to the preparation (including making good the edges on MDF for example) priming and painting to any colour matched to a Pantone or RAL reference.

Match Any Colour

We offer a product/sample matched service to virtually any color required in any type of paint in any gloss level from Matte, Satin and Gloss. We provide a service that extends to color matching Pantones, Dimensions, British Standard, RAL, Federal Standards and NCS colors. We also carry a huge range of custom colors from House of Kolor and Special Effect epoxy paints like bronze, chrome and copper. We are also able to offer a variety of patina effects like rust and other cool effects.

Hydrodipping or Watertransfer printing

3D Hydrographic printing is a method of applying printed designs on to pre-sprayed 3 dimensional objects, it is also known as water transfer printing, carbon dipping, camo dipping, hydrographics, cubic printing and custom dipping. It is also less commonly referred to as immersion printing, liquid printing, curve coating, cubic printing or 3D printing. Why not take the next step towards extreme customisation now! We carry a lot of different prints in stock.


Our airbrush services range from custom murals to completely customized coverage on trucks, cars, guitars, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, yachts, airoplanes, helmets and more.

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