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Dorchester Hotel Model

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We worked closely with the amazing chefs and housekeeping team of The Dorchester Hotel in London to create this model which is now on prominent display in their reception/promenade area for their Christmas celebrations.  The brief was to construct an exact replica of the exterior front and side framework including 180 windows and then ‘fill’ the rear with 13 rooms to 1/12 scale,  copying exactly the existing furniture and decor. We started by taking hundreds of photographs, from which we created computerised images. The framework was constructed using these, and then nearly all the furniture, decoration, carpets etc were made by hand with outline shapes fabricated using our laser cuter.  Fabrics were matched and cut to scale and the final ‘touch’ was added using figures dressed as guests and hotel staff.  The Dorchester team then covered the exterior walls with gingerbread.

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